About a student lute

The description refers to a student-lute

Back: 9 to 15 ribs of maple with black fillets

Neck: the same wood as the shell

Pegbox: the same wood as the shell

Soundboard: Spruce

String length: depends on the modell

Frets: depends on the modell

Pegs: Fruitwood

Bridge: Fruitwood

Fingerboard: Hard wood

Courses: depends on the modell

My simple instruments are plain in the choice of materials and have no decoration except for the rose. For the soundboard though, being the most important part for the sound, I use spruce. All working processes are done accurately. This way you get reasonably priced instruments which are comfortable to handle and sound surprisingly well - it's just that they are kept simple. There are simple versions of instruments for renaissance and baroque lutes and continuo instruments.

Ultimate decisions about materials and design are left to myself. Would you please accept that special requests for extra decoration or different roses do not fit with the concept of "plain instruments".

I'll gladly accept my student lutes in payment, if you would rather try a different type of lute or eventually want to have have a more embellished instrument after some time.

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