About the "Jacob Hes"

The description refers to a standard version of the instrument. At your request other kinds of wood can be used. I also offer this lute as a student lute.


Back: 15 ribs of zypress with black fillets

Neck: Spruce veneered with ebony

Pegbox: Maple veneered with ebony

Soundboard: Spruce

String length: 55.5cm

Frets: 8 tied gut frets / 4 wooden frets

Pegs: Fruitwood

Bridge: Fruitwood

Fingerboard: Ebony

Courses: 6 or 7


The original is made of ivory. Unfortunately, it is very badly damaged. Although this instrument is quite small, its sound power should not be underestimated. I have included the Jacob Hes in my program because people with smaller hands in particular can play difficult literature "more easily" with it. The simple version of the instrument is also suitable for children.

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