About the "Venere" as an arciliuto

The description refers to a standard version of the instrument.


Back: 15 to 25 ribs

Neck: Soft wood veneered with ebony

Pegbox: Soft wood veneered with ebony and maple inlay

Soundboard: Spruce

String length: 64,5cm / 98cm to 134cm

Frets: 8 to 10 tied gut frets / 2 to 4 wooden frets

Pegs: Fruitwood

Bridge: Fruitwood

Fingerboard: Ebony

Courses: 14 courses, the number of stopped strings and bass strings is a matter of discussion


Based on the assumption that shells were not only used for a certain lute, I used the shell of the 7-course lute by Venere as the basis for a small Arciliuto.

This arciliuto is possible with a string length of 58.5 cm to 65.5 cm. With the bass strings you can choose between one and a half or double playing strings. The playing choirs can be single or double-stringed.

Should the 10th fret be a tied fret, which was probably the rule for instruments built directly as arciliuto, the string length must be about 64.5 cm. The basses will be then about 85 cm or 121 cm long.

Venere als Arciliuto Venere als Arciliuto